Maintenance Tips for Your Truck Heading into Fall

Fall Maintenance for Trucks | Forest Lake, MN

Fall has returned to Forest Lake, and if you drive a truck, that means it’s prime season for maintenance. The milder weather is the ideal gap between summer’s heat and winter’s frigid cold, so take advantage and get your pickup caught up on some key services.


Changes in temperature can take a toll on your battery — especially if it’s on the older side. If you haven’t had your battery replaced in 3-5 years, consider bringing your truck to MTH of Forest Lake for an inspection.


There’s a lot of rain that comes with autumn, so you’ll want your tires to be ready for whatever may come. Keep up to date on things like rotation and inflation to ensure longer life for your tires. And if you do a lot of off-roading in your truck, trust MTH to keep everything intact and in check for future fun.

Oil and filter

If you’re coming due for an oil and filter change this autumn, don’t hesitate. This is one of the most critical fall maintenance tasks for your truck, and it can be all the difference between getting to the pumpkin patch and finding yourself stranded at the roadside.

Need fall maintenance for your truck? Trust the team at Minnesota Truck Headquarters of Forest Lake in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Schedule your service today and we’ll get you on the road to a fun autumn.

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