How to Get Your Truck Ready to Trade in at MTH

2021 Ford F-150 | Forest Lake, MN

Minnesota Truck Headquarters isn’t just your destination for a new-to-you truck — it’s your best bet for getting top dollar for your trade-in. Before you stop in, take a few steps to prepare your current truck to trade in, and the process will go even more smoothly.

Clean it like you mean it

Even if your truck looks good with a coat of mud on it, make sure you give it a good wash and wax before you bring it in. Detailing it inside and out will make it stand out and could even help increase the value.

Gather up all the essentials

In addition to the truck itself, you’ll want to make sure you bring anything that’ll help our team make you an offer. That includes the title, registration, service records, and information on your current lease or finance agreement. And make sure everything is intact and included, including the owner’s manual and the spare key. There are other steps you can take to get your truck ready to trade in, including fixing any lingering issues yourself and giving it an inspection. And if you aren’t quite sure that you’re ready for something new just yet, Minnesota Truck Headquarters will buy your vehicle. We even stand by our best offer for 10 days or 1,000 miles so you can take your time to make your decision.

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