How to Boost Your Credit Score and Get the Lifted Truck of Your Dreams

How To Boost Your Credit Score | St. Cloud, MN

You’ve got your eye on a lifted truck at Minnesota Truck Headquarters because you have excellent taste and high standards. But what if your credit score doesn’t quite match? If you know how to boost your credit score and take the appropriate steps, you can be on the way to getting the truck of your dreams.

Make your payments

Multiple factors impact your score, but there’s none bigger than making your payments on time. When you miss a payment, your credit score takes a big hit. Growing that number starts with making all of your payments on time.

Take advantage of free credit checks

Not sure why your score is so low? Visit and you can get up to three free credit reports every 12 months. By using your free reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, you can see where there may be inaccuracies that need resolving or other issues that you can take steps to fix.

Building a better credit score is a great way to secure that exact truck you want. But Your Minnesota Truck Headquarters can also work with you no matter your credit score to help you get behind the wheel in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Contact our finance department and we’ll help get you on the road to owning an awesome lifted truck.

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