Get Your Pickup Truck Ready for Summer in St. Cloud

Ford Super Duty

Summer is back at last, and that means it’s time to take your truck out and show off what it can do. Whether you’re towing a boat out to a lake, heading out for some off-roading, or just taking a road trip with the family, taking care of your ride is essential. It’s time to get your pickup truck ready for summer driving with some important upkeep. 


Nothing will derail a summer cruise quicker than bad tires. Whether they’re worn out, breaking down, or under- or overinflated, unhealthy tires can cause big problems in a hurry. Before you set out, take the time to check your tires over for signs of problems. Break out your air pressure gauge and make sure you’ve got the right psi per your owner’s manual. And if you’re due for a rotation or even a new set, don’t go anywhere else but Minnesota Truck Headquarters.

Oil and filter

St. Cloud sure can get hot between June and August, and that can play havoc with your engine if you don’t take care of it. Having clean engine oil and a clean filter helps your engine regulate temperature and operate consistently, preventing breakdowns and prolonging its lifespan. Bring your truck into MTH for an oil change and a fresh filter and we’ll help make sure your pickup picks you up when you need it to.

Wash and wax

A clean truck is a happy truck. Even if you’re planning on slapping on a fresh coat of mud in the near future, you should take advantage of the warm weather and give your truck some TLC. Clean out the cab, wash the whole thing (including the bed), and apply a new coat of wax to keep it shining all summer long.

Need service done on your pickup truck? The experts at the Minnesota Truck Headquarters service department are familiar with everything from Ford and Chevrolet to Toyota and Nissan. We do the work you need quickly and correctly so that you can worry less and focus more on getting the most out of summer. If you need any help to get your pickup truck ready for summer, come visit our service department at MTH!

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