Fall Truck Maintenance Tips from Your MTH in St. Cloud, MN

Fall Truck Maintenance Tips

Fall is back at last, and there’s a lot that you and your pickup can get out there and do across St. Cloud, Minnesota. But before you get to doing, make sure that your truck is up to date on some important fall maintenance.


Your tires take a beating year-round, so it’s always important to make sure they’re healthy and ready for the road. It’s especially important in fall when colder temps and wet leaves can make it tougher to get traction. Make sure your tires are in good health by checking the air pressure and performing regular inspections. Look for cracks, bumps, and other signs of age. Also, make sure you’re current on tire rotation — if you need that taken care of, MTH can help.


Cold Minnesota weather also means that an older battery will struggle to give you the power you need. Coming off another hot summer, bring your truck into Minnesota Truck Headquarters for a quick and easy battery diagnostic. If you won’t have enough juice to get through the colder months ahead, we can set you up with a replacement in no time.

On top of these maintenance tasks, things like wiper blades, exterior lighting, brakes, and oil and filter are all crucial for driving your truck safely in the fall. No matter what your service needs are, you’ll get the expert help you need at Minnesota Truck Headquarters in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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